Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vicki Green Author: Penned Con, St. Louis, Mo, wrap up!

Vicki Green Author: Penned Con, St. Louis, Mo, wrap up!: Penned Con has come and go but my memories never will. Road trips with my model and friend, Faith Godard, are always a blast. Of course...

Penned Con, St. Louis, Mo, wrap up!

Penned Con has come and go but my memories never will.

Road trips with my model and friend, Faith Godard, are always a blast. Of course, my GPS bitch made us miss our turn off and landed us in Illinois for all about 2 minutes. Seriously, one day I am chucking her out the window.

Justin Keeton flew in to attend with me and I'm so thankful that not only is he always there for me but to leave his sweet kiddo's to join me touches my heart.

Was so great to meet Amy and Rick Miles, the creators of the event and who made it so successful and organized.

Not only did I have the best roomies with Faith, but, also S Simone Chavez who is an awesome author and great roomie. Was so great to finally meet her and now I consider her a great friend!

I had a fantastic table and was placed right next to Jasinda and Jack Wilder. Wow! I hope they didn't think I was gonna fall all over them but I thought about it. Really? The Jasinda and Jack Wilder. Ack!

But, they were so sweet and I almost photo bombed Jasinda several times, by accident (kind of) as she was taking pic's with her fans. :)

I got to meet Amalie Silver, finally!!!! I love her! We had so much fun!

Until we meet again, my love.

The crowd's were amazing, the volunteer exceptional! And, the panels were so much fun to go to!

It was amazing to see and hear Abbi Glines doing her speech.

Had a blast at the panel I was involved with. 3, 2, 1 GO!!

Then there was Raquel. I met her at another signing early this year. It was so great to see her again. Another memory I will never forget!

One of my dearest friends and assistant at an earlier signing this year, Jennifer Moon Desulis.

Kendra Malcom is not only a model who I've had the pleasure of seeing at events twice now but I also consider her my friend. :)

I've spoken to so many Authors over the last year, became friends with so many. Some I've met already and so many I haven't. I was so excited to meet some and fangirl over many.

One of my favorites that I couldn't believe I was lucky to meet and hang out with.

C J Roberts

I had so much fun hanging out with C J and S Simone!

Sandi Lynn
OMG! I love her so much! We had breakfast together with another favorite, Adrienne Leigh the day we were leaving.

I looked like death run over here...ha! I was a wee bit tired. :)

I love me some Penny Reid and Liv Morris! So great to see them again.

Ok, so I almost tackled poor Abbi Glines trying to stop her from leaving the room. Well, she was always at the panels and I had brought all her books for her to sign and was dying to meet her. Hope I didn't scare her to badly. :)

She is the sweetest thing! Just love her!

Mia Sheridan and her hubby. What can I say about Mia? Other than she is so sweet and her hubby is hysterical, she tried to kill me with her book Archer's Voice. I swear! I took a break when I got home and read the paperback she signed and gave me and I about died. :) Ok, not really but dang it was amazing!

I got to meet Jenn Sterling. What a sweetheart and a hoot!

Love Lu Ann. She is the sweetest and makes great coffee. Thanks for the love!

Got to finally meet Lisa Karafa. What a lovely person.

Love seeing Sarah Dosher again! 

I have a gazillion pictures I wish I could post but, I have to show you the pictures of my awesome models, Justin Keeton and Faith Godard. I'm so truly thankful for them, their support, and so glad when they can attend my signings. 

One of my street team members and friend, Theresa Esterline!

Cathy Redhotness Jackson. So great to meet you!

The Red Carpet (so to speak) before the awards ceremony.

Then the after party with Griffin Peterson. Wow!

I didn't get to take another picture with Colleen Hoover but I stole a ton of her Halloween candy. :) At least I got a pic with her in OKC.

Some random pic's!

My book haul! Abbi's I brought but the rest were given to me. So sweet.

Be careful when you take a pic when Justin is recharging his phone. Doesn't look like that. :)

Cupcake heaven.

The Sheraton in St. Louis, Mo.