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Here is the first chapter of Back To School, my novella in the Hot For Teacher Anthology!

Back To School
Vicki Green

Emma Danielson’s last year of college and she still hates it. She still doesn’t know what to do with her life. Bartending at night, going to classes during the day, it’s killing not only her social life, but she’s so sleep deprived, she’s walking around like a zombie. However, when the new teacher walks into her music class, she definitely wakes up and takes notice.

Josh Tyler’s been shifted around from college to college as a temporary teacher for years, but this year he gets his own class. Problem is his playing and singing at night at the local bars and practicing doesn’t give him too much time to sleep or do too much of anything for that matter. He’s sick of all the women throwing themselves at him at the bars and longs for a serious relationship; a woman who loves him for him and not his stage presence. When he walks into the first day of his new music class and notices a beautiful girl sitting in the back, a fresh set of issues arise and a whole lot of trouble ensues.

Time to get back to school!

Chapter One

“Yo! We got a new band coming in this weekend. They’re really hot, sexy and man, can they play!” Tina yells from across the bar counter, and I roll my eyes. “Come on, Em! Lighten up! I hear the lead singer plays guitar, and he is sexier than hell.” She leans her arms on the counter rests her chin on her hands and gives me her puppy dog look. “Damn, girl. You need some sleep. Are those dark circles under your eyes?”
My hands cover my face as my eyes widen, and I smirk when I hear her laughter. I start to wipe off the counter again and nudge the cloth against her elbows. She moves and laughs again. “Shit! If you stayed up half the night and then had classes the next day, you’d have circles under your eyes too. I need to hurry and get home. I have shit to get together before my new classes start tomorrow.”
She starts to walk away and waves her rag at me. “Slow down and try to enjoy. At least it’s your last year.”
I roll my eyes again and blow out some air moving the long strand of my blonde hair that escaped from my braided ponytail out of my face. After finishing the counters and then mopping the floor behind the bar I head out the front door telling Burke, one of our largest bouncers, goodnight and walk towards my VW car. I love my little car, and even though it’s not new or in the best shape, it’s good on gas mileage and gets me where I need to go. After getting to my apartment, I see the light flashing on my answering machine and hit play. Yes, I’m one of the only people in the world without a cellphone and have a landline with a machine for messages. Well, with my pay and my bills, I don’t have the money for many luxuries. I’m thankful I brought my 13 inch TV with me from home.
“Emma, it’s your mother,” the machine shrills at me. Like I don’t know her voice. I roll my eyes and lean my elbow on the small table and sigh. “I just wanted to wish you well on your first day back at school tomorrow and tell you I’ve mailed you some money. Just a little something to help out. Give me a call when you can, you know how I worry.” Beep.
Yup, that’s my mom. After Dad left us when I was very young, she’s always struggled to make ends meet, but since I left for college, she’s always tried to send me a little something when she can. I’m exhausted but desperately in need of a shower, so I take a quick one and don’t even bother drying my hair. My bed feels so good, and it’s not long before I drift off.
Another first day of school and hopefully this is my last year. I really need to figure out what I’m going to do once I graduate. I look around the classroom same faces but some different, chattering as people walk in, and some getting notebooks out. I’m just sitting back in the corner, as usual, looking out the window. At least this is my music class, which I’m good at. My next class is Calculus II, which I suck at. Math has never been a good class for me and what am I gonna use it for anyway?
The chattering becomes louder and then it stops abruptly. Now there’s rustling noises and I’m still looking out the window wondering if I’ll ever figure out what the hell I’m doing. Suddenly, the silence turns into gasping from the girls in the class. When I look to the front of the class, I see why. “Morning!” A sexy voice comes from a man who looks only a couple of years older than me. Light brown hair that’s just over his ears, with the back longer and stopping at the top of his collar. He has the first couple of buttons on his blue, long sleeved, button down shirt undone, showcasing a fine strong chest. His eyes are light blue, perfect lips and light scruff on his face matching his hair color. My eyes slowly leave his gorgeousness to see all the girls staring at him, and I completely agree. He just became the hottest guy at school, and I don’t think he even knows it. Damn, but he’s a teacher, and they are a ‘no go’ with a student. Crap! But school never looked this good, ever!
“Hey, everyone. I’m Josh Tyler and I will be your drill instructor, I mean, music teacher this year.” Josh Tyler. The girls giggle, and I roll my eyes. “For some of you, it’s your first year of college, welcome. For some of you, it could be your last but either way let’s make this the best year for music. Just a little about me. I’ve been a temporary teacher in music for about four years and I’m excited to be a full time teacher at Tempra Junior College, at least for now. How about a first day pop quiz!” The chatter starts up, and my eyes shift around the room as people moan and groan and then when I look back up to the front, my heart stops as he’s staring right at me. I look down quickly removing a pencil from my backpack and shift in my seat. “Oh, come on! It’s not going to be graded.” He walks to the first row of chairs stack of papers in hand and starts handing the first seat in each row a handful of them. “This is just to help me understand what you know about music. Trust me. This will help me identify what your talent is or isn’t and to what degree you know or have learned so far.” He finishes handing them out and then returns to the back of his desk and sits down in the chair. “Take your time. These will be due at the end of class and if you get done before then just bring them up and you can leave early. My first day present to you. Don’t get used to that.” His smile is gorgeous, and I can’t look away until his eyes find mine again, and I quickly look down at my paper. I sit up more in my chair and start reading the questions and feel some relief as I begin. So far, these are fairly easy.
Out of the two hour class, it takes me about an hour and a half to complete the paper. I’m confident in my answers as I walk up to the front of the room. My eyes move around to see most are still here. When I get to Mr. Tyler’s desk, I look down to see he’s been writing music on sheet paper, and my head tilts as I try to read the words. “Miss Danielson is it?” My eyes snap up to his gorgeous eyes, and I simply nod. “Are you done already?” His smile brightens his face but all I can do is nod again and reach out my arm with the paper held tightly in my hand. He reaches up to take it and I let go in a hurry. I watch his eyes move over my words and another smile appears. “Well, you certainly know your music history, Miss Danielson.” He looks back up at me, and I swear my heart is going to pound a hole through my chest. “I look forward to reading your paper thoroughly. Have a great day.” I only nod again, the lump in my throat making speech impossible, and I walk quickly out of the room. Next stop, Calculus. Ugh!
“Em! Wait up!” I turn my head and see Layton jogging my way and stop. “Damn, girl! Where’s the fucking fire?”
Layton is one of my very few friends who has been going here longer than I have, maybe even longer than anyone in history. I’ve always been so comfortable around him and his gay pride, but he’s also one of the funniest and most sincere people I’ve ever known, not that I’ve known that many people. “Hey, dude. Where in the hell have you been? I’ve missed our late night convos!”
He slows his jog and puts his arm around my shoulder as we start to walk slowly to the parking lot. “Girl, I’ve been busy designing and neck deep in lovin’.” He laughs, and I give him my famous smirk and roll my eyes. “Hey! I can’t help it that I’m hot and sexy. What’s shakin’ with you?”
“Oh, you know the normal. Late nights, little sleep and going nowhere fast.” He laughs and as we reach my car, my head snaps to my left to see Mr. Tyler walking towards a black pickup truck.
“Oh! Look at the fresh blood! Fucking hot, sexy, and nice killer body. I wonder what he’d be like on his front and my dick in his….”
My eyes move quickly to Mr. Fast Pants and shift my stance, jetting my hip out and placing my hand on it. “I don’t think he’s gay, Layton.” I look back over to Mr. Sexy Bod and sigh. “At least I hope not,” I whisper.
“Keep your panties on, girl! He doesn’t look gay, but you never know what I can do to make him change his mind,” Layton states as he wiggles his eyebrows, and I burst out in laughter. “I’ll see you later, maybe at the bar tonight. I’m in need of a drink and to find another conquest. Later!” He gives me a quick kiss on my cheek, and as he walks off I look back over at Mr. Tyler and see he’s got his door open, leg halfway in and staring at me. I look at my car quickly open the door and get in. Time to do some horrible calculus homework and then get ready for my shift. Figures that class would start the first day with a boat load of homework, ugh!

§    §    §    §

I watch her get into her little VW bug, and I swear I’m gonna have to situate my hard cock again. After teaching for the last four years at various schools, I don’t think I’ve ever had a girl affect me like this. There’s just something about her. Oh, she’s sexy there’s no doubt, but it’s something in her eyes and her mannerisms that’s got me all hot and bothered.
I get into my car pull out of my parking space and then start driving home. My own parking space and my new job, hopefully one I can keep until our band makes it big time. I’m meeting the guys at Duke’s place in about an hour for practice and don’t want to be late. All I’ve ever dreamed of is the band to make it big. For people to hear my music, get lost in it and for a woman who I can love and take care of. So far, none of that’s happened and why? Everyone in the band works full time jobs in order to pay bills, and the only women who want me, want me for my looks and because I’m in a band. They don’t care about me, the real me, wanting me for me. All they want is to be a groupie and want to get me in the sack. It’s just not happening. We have a gig at a bar we haven’t played before and so far the hype has been great. I talked to Randy, the owner, a few days ago, and he said people are already going crazy with us playing there this weekend. Let’s just hope the women there tone it down a little. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the screaming, the reaching out for me as I play is great and makes me even more determined to make it, but sometimes they do get a little carried away. There was one time a woman fainted right in front of the stage.
Once I’ve eaten and taken a shower, I head over to Duke’s. I park in the lot behind his small house and grab my guitar case from the floor board of the passenger seat. I walk into the front door, out to the side door and into his garage. Duke, Phillip, and Mark are already tuning up and say their ‘Heys’ as I get to the only vacant chair. Sitting down and opening the case, I pull out my pride and joy. “Hey, guys. You all psyched to play at Randy’s this weekend?”
Duke looks up and waggles his eyebrows, and I can’t help but chuckle. “Yeah, dude. I stopped by there the other night and the place is revved up about it, and you wouldn’t believe the hot number I spotted bartending. Man….” His hand is waving like it’s on fire, but I don’t think that’s the only thing heated. “She’s a real looker and she did have some fine ladies holding up that half shirt she was wearing. H.O.T!”
I chuckle looking down at my guitar as I start to tune it. “Please don’t tell me you’re gonna ruin things at this bar too by going after the employees? Can we not find one place that we can play at without you ending our gigs there by trying to hump all their help?”
He laughs and beats on his drum. “Shut it. I can’t help it if I’m irresistible to the women in the bars we play at, including their employees. When you got it, you got it.” Phillip rolls his eyes as he strums a few chords on his bass guitar and Mark hits the wrong keys on his electric keyboard making me cringe with the sound.
“Okay, let’s get practicing or we’re gonna sound like shit and Friday will be the one and only night we play there. And one…. two…. three.” We all begin to play and get into sync quickly, our sound not wavering from not practicing the last couple of days. We end the night on a great note and smack hands as we all go our separate ways. Guess I better try to get some sleep with another day of classes tomorrow. I can’t wait until Friday gets here! I find I have a hard time falling to sleep as my mind fills with a blonde haired girl, sparkling blue eyes and a beautiful smile.
I walk into class and the women all turn around in their seats, smiling. A few even wink. I lower my head, a small smile on my face, but when I look at the backroom in the corner, I see Emma staring out the window and notice the dark circles under her eyes. I wonder what she does outside of school, what she’s like and what she thinks about in that beautiful head of hers. What she’d feel like beneath me. I blink rapidly and shake my head of these thoughts, set my binder down on my desk then walk around and sit on the corner of it. “Morning! I hope everyone slept well.” My eyes shift to Emma and see she’s looking at me with the most beautiful red blush on her cheeks, and her lips are slightly parted. I quickly look around the class and smile. “Today I want to talk about what you like about music and what you hope to get out of this class. What are your hopes and dreams and do they involve music?” I look over at Emma and nod. “Miss Danielson, will you start for us?” She shifts in her chair sitting up a little more and doesn’t look around the room, keeping her eyes on mine.
“Well, I….” She clears her throat and I hear shifting around the room, restlessness growing. “I’m not really sure at this point, but music’s always been part of my life. Music enters your heart, your soul, takes you to a different place, a different time. It lets you express your feelings, your desires and your inner most thoughts. I’ve been playing my guitar since I was little and some say I can sing but I leave that dream in the shower.”
People laugh, and I nod. “That was eloquently spoken, Miss Danielson. I’d like to hear that voice sometime. Maybe we can have a little talent show during class later so I can hear it.” Damn! I almost said I wanted to hear her voice in the shower. Nice save, idiot! My eyes move around and then focus on the next person. “Okay, tell us something about your dreams.”
This had to be the longest two hours of my life when all I wanted to do was talk to Emma more. Her words inspired a new song in my head, and I can’t wait to get home to write down some lyrics and notes. I did learn by talking to a few of my girl students that Emma is pretty much a loner and they think it’s because she’s snobby. I don’t get that vibe from her at all and damn, I’d love to get to know her better. I finally find a woman who’d I like to know, and she’s my student. Fuck my life.
I go to practice again at Duke’s, and our sound is amazing. I then go home to my empty apartment, once again, eat, shower and hit the bed. The next day is more of the same, but I give all my classes an assignment to have completed by Monday. I tell them to go out and listen to a live band and write a five page essay about their experience. Critique them and outline what their strengths and their weaknesses are. What they could do to improve their sound, the look and feel of the band and anything else that would help their careers.
By Friday, I’m feeling excited and ready to play at Randy’s, but the day seems to move so slowly. I walk out to the courtyard with my sack lunch hoping to have a couple of minutes to jot down some more lyrics of the new song I’ve been working on all week. I stop when I see Emma sitting against a tree in the shade away from everyone else. I start to walk over to her and get stopped by several girl students. When I finally reach her, I stand in front of her and ask, “What’s so interesting?” Her eyes move up to mine, her pen in between those luscious full lips, and she looks back down at the book in her hand, quickly.
“Stupid Calculus, like I’ll ever use this shit.”
“Mind if I join you?” She looks back up at me and shrugs her shoulders. I sit down next to her and start removing things from my bag. “I’m not bad at Calculus. Want some help?” I pull out an apple and notice she has no food. Maybe she already ate it or by the looks of her, maybe she doesn’t eat much. I hold it out to her and can tell by the look in her eyes she really wants to take it. “Go on. I have another one. I insist.” She gives me a small smile and takes it from my hand quickly, and I’m mesmerized when her full lips cover it as she takes a huge bite.
“Thanks,” she says quietly.
I carefully reach over and take the book from her hands and lower my eyebrows when I read her assignment. “I get that you have to have requirements but why the hell they make you take classes like this if you’re not gonna use it makes no sense.”
“Uh, you’re a teacher. Aren’t you supposed to be telling me how essential all the classes are for any good career choice?” She looks up at me with her light blue eyes hidden underneath her long black lashes and smiles. I love her light blonde hair with just a hint of light brown highlights, which always seems to be in a braid or in a high ponytail. She always seems comfortable in her jeans, while her tank tops or short sleeved shirts show me how secure she is in her own flawless skin.
I laugh and see how beautiful her smile is. “Well, I suppose I should but I’m not just any normal teacher. I guess I tell students how it is but I probably shouldn’t in the school’s academic eyes.” She laughs, and I swear my cock strained against my jeans at the beautiful sound. “Okay, look here….” I point to the page she has things highlighted on and go over a few things with her. Relishing at the closeness of her body when she moves next to me, and her unique smell invading my senses. I have to work really hard to concentrate on what I’m saying. We end up talking for an hour, and she even said I helped her, but she still feels useless at Calculus. I watch her walk off and feel like I’ve finally found someone I want to get to know, share my music with and maybe even my life. What the hell? How can I feel that way so quickly? I’ve never believed in fate or instant love but there’s just something about her, something that has me mesmerized and wanting to know her better. However, as a teacher, I know I can’t let it go any further. Although as a man, I hope the school year flies by since I know this is her last year of school, and I want nothing more than to take her out. This is gonna be the longest school year of my young teaching life. 

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