Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chapter One

“Girl, your hair is da bomb! So blonde it’s almost white and natural. Everyone highlights or colors their hair, trying to make theirs look natural like yours.” My hair stylist, Marcus, is one of my best friends in L.A. Why you ask? Because he is gayer than gay, has the best sense of humor and is the best hair stylist in the fucking world. And he gets me.

It’s been three months since I returned to L.A. I’ve had so many modeling gigs, charities and other things going on. I am exhausted. My eyes close as he runs his fingers continually through my long hair. Fuck that feels good. I look in the mirror at his concentrating face. “Aw, Markie, you’re so fucking good to me and are by far my biggest fan,” I smirk. He laughs as he begins to style my hair.

“So, my lovely, what kickass outfit will you be wearing today? I love watching your shoots, your hot as fuck photographer makes my cock harder than shit.” I reach around and smack his hand as I laugh my ass off. He is truly one of a kind.

Rolling my eyes, I frown. “Shit, they have me wearing this fucking toga thing, barely covering my essentials. I tell ya, they are getting skimpier and skimpier with the things they make me wear. I know what they’re trying to do. I am so fucking sick of telling them I won’t model nude.” My eyes roll of their own accord this time. “I swear I’m gonna cunt punt the next one that asks me to do that!”

He laughs hysterically. “Girl, I don’t doubt that! You are the one to do it too! I’ve seen those that have tried to cross you before. You are one cunt punting bitch!”

We both start laughing until the dressing room door opens a crack. “Five minutes!” A voice yells.

An eyebrow goes up on my face as I smirk in the mirror at Markie. “Well, fuck. Let’s rock this shit.”

I’m bored as I lay on a white fluffy rug that’s on top of an air mattress. The hot lights are causing a light sheen of sweat to form over my half naked body. The turquoise, silky fabric draping around me is barely covering my ample breasts and is almost covering my pussy, and it’s starting to stick to me. Good thing I’m a California girl and can take the heat! I’m trying not to breathe and give my sexiest look as Jake snaps his pictures. Fuck! Hurry up! I need my diet coke and now!

“Annnnddddd, that’s a wrap!” Jake yells. About fucking time! He leans down on one knee and smiles. “Great takes. We’ll send them to your agent as soon as I go through them and do some edits. You were awesome as always.” I smile, and he winks at me. He’s the only photographer I will use. Many others have tried to get me to pose for them, but Jake and I work well together, and he is fantastic at what he does. He then leaves me to go do his magic.

My head is down, tugging on the fabric unsuccessfully to cover up my body when I feel the presence of someone coming close. “Fuck that was HOT!” I look up quickly, wide eyed, to find Tuck standing in front of me. His muscular arms crossed over his broad chest and that all too familiar cockiness on his fucking gorgeous face. Shit! I’m in trouble!

“Wha--? What the fuck are YOU doing here?” I ask sarcastically. He gives me his extremely sexy, cocky smile with his right eyebrow raised. It’s cruel to look that fucking hot. The black stubble he once had is now longer but well-trimmed, his long black eyelashes that any girl would give her right arm for, and his piercing black eyes. Shit, he is sex on wheels. Ok, where’s the fan, I’m freaking hotter than hell right now.

While getting to a standing position, I stumble, almost tripping over the silky fabric as I try to wrap it around me. Fuck, I’m such a klutz around him. Without saying a word or looking at him, I walk passed him and head quickly to my dressing room. When trying to close the door with my foot it doesn’t shut. I whip around to find Tuck standing in the open doorway. His tattooed muscular arm stretched against the door frame, his perfect body in a relaxed stance. My body is freaking overheating.

He smirks. “Don’t let me stop you, beauty.” He walks in, shuts the door and sits in one of the comfortable chairs in the room. Placing his right foot on top of his left knee, I get a great view of his hard cock pushing against his jeans. Nice! I catch him looking where I am and then his smiles widens when he looks back at me. “Can’t help it, beauty. It kind of has a mind of its own when it’s around you.” Then he winks at me.

“HUH!” I huff as I walk around the elegant privacy screen. I remove the fabric and get into my jeans and t-shirt, peeking up over the screen every once in a while. “You know. I didn’t fucking invite you here, especially into my dressing room.” My head peers around the side of the screen. “And how in the hell did you know I was here?” I bounce back and finish dressing when I hear laughter.

When I’m done, I move around the screen and sit in the chair opposite him. Crossing my legs, I grab a diet coke out of the mini fridge sitting beside my chair. He leans forward, elbows on his knees and gives me his fuck hot smile. “Thanks for asking, got anything non diet?” I give him my bitch look and reach into the fridge and pull out a coke. I cock my head. My eyebrows rise and he nods, still having that panty melting smile on his fucking face.

Ugh! I hand it to him, his hand wrapping around mine. I look at our hands and try to pull mine away, but his grip tightens. My eyes quickly meet his, and he winks. Finally, he releases my hand, and I place it around my waist.

“I was asked to come here to go over everything for the charity that we’re playing at in a few weeks. You know, for your dad’s company? I got your address from them and Jonsey told me where you were.” I roll my eyes. Man is he in a shit load of trouble when I get home! Tuck takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh. “I told him that we had a thing going and I wanted to surprise you. Told him how much I’d been missing you and knew you were pining away for me,” he says sitting back in his chair, crossing his foot over his knee again.

I roll my eyes again. I swear, my eyes are gonna stick back into my head, just like Allie told me, I just know it. I fucking can’t stop them from rolling. Dammit! I let out a loud laugh. “Ha! Yeah, right.” I lean on my knees with my elbow and he follows my position. “Look, buddy. You may be friends with some of my friends but that doesn’t give you the right to go to my fucking house and then stalk me!” I stand, walk to the door and open it, waving my arm. “Now, get the fuck out!”

Looking down, he chuckles, shaking his head slowly. He rises from the chair and heads my way. Once standing in front of me, his eyebrow raises, and he gives me his goofy grin. “Ok, beauty. You win. This time.” He winks as he heads through the door, turns to face me. “And--” I slam the door in his face and lock it.

♫    ♫    ♫   

Well, that went well. I rub my nose where the door hit me and begin my embarrassing walk out of the building. As I walk by the photographer’s studio, someone yells at me to stop. I turn around to see a nice looking man, with a ton more tattoo’s than I have, running towards me. By the time he reaches me, he’s bending over, hands on his knees and panting. Not looking up, he raises a hand. Fuck, I think he might need oxygen.

“Oh, my fucking God,” he chokes out. When he finally catches his breath, he stands and pats my shoulder. “My man! Don’t let her royal bitchiness fool you. She talks to me about you all the time. Seriously.” He gives me a concerned look. “She’s just really hard to break through to, ya know? But once she does, she’d give you her kidney,” he laughs.

I am in shock but my hope meter just kicked up a thousand notches. “And you are?” I ask the very gay guy that won’t take his hand off my shoulder. Should I be nervous?

“Oh! Sorry,” he says removing his hand. “I’m her queen’s hair stylist, Marcus Zane. And you must be the hot rocker she’s been talking to me nonstop about since she got back from Kansas.” His hand goes to his waist as he smirks.

I laugh along with him but am shocked as shit that she’s been talking about me. He puts his arm around my shoulder as he tells me we need to get out of her hearing range. I laugh again but am still a little scared of him touching me. We walk out of the building and head towards my rental SUV.

“So, Jonsey will give you all the straight up shit about her. He loves her like a daughter and I know she’s been talking to him about you too. Jonsey and I talk a lot.” We stop by the front door of my car, and I turn to face him. “Just hang in there, man. Give my girl some time. I know the feelings are there for ya.”

He leans in, my body reflexively leaning back into the door. “Our little secret. She still has her V-Card, man, and that’s another big fucking reason she won’t give in so easily,” he whispers. He takes a couple of steps back. “If you tell her you know that or anyone else…. I know people.” And with that, he leaves me standing there. I think I just fell a little bit in love with him. I rub my hands together, get in the car and start it up. I have plans to make.

Once I get to my hotel suite, I am on the phone with Jonsey. “Yes, I understand. Perfect! I don’t know how to thank you,” I tell him, excitedly.

“No, need to thank me, young man. I talked with Jesse and Shane about you. I do my homework. And Paxton means the world to me and I know she has very deep feelings for you. But I will tell you what Jesse and Shane both have. You hurt her and you won’t have many, if any, friends left. Now, if it doesn’t work out for the two of you because you just don’t feel that way towards each other, I will always understand that. Not always do things work out, but I’m talking about hurting her in other ways that is irreversible. That cannot happen,” he says sternly.

After talking with him for almost an hour, I know we are on the same page as far as Pax is concerned. I am excited to get our plan in action. Starting tonight.

Chapter Two

Fuck! How does he do that? How does he just show up where I am and make me a freaking mess around him? I’m gonna kill Jonsey when I get home. Shit! My internal ramblings continue until I am pulling my Cherry Red ‘Vette into my spot in our five car garage. Slamming the door, I head inside and start my man hunt for Jonsey. Fuck! He isn’t anywhere! Standing in the foyer, I scream at the top of my lungs. “JONSEY!” I hear muffled steps and swing around to see him walking slowly down the stairs of our spiral staircase.

“Welcome home, princess. How did the shooting go?” He asks as he steps off the last step.

“What the fuck, Jonsey? Thanks for just giving anyone my location so they can come annoy the shit outta me!” I scream, stomping my foot and crossing my arms. My blood has just risen to an all-time high.

He grins and walks over to me slowly and lays his hand on my shoulder. “Now, princess. You’re gonna bust an artery, so calm down.” I take some deep breaths and roll my eyes simultaneously. “There. Now, let’s go into the kitchen, get you a diet coke and we’ll chat.” His hand pushes my shoulder until I am turned and then proceeds to push me into the kitchen with his hand on my back.
I sit down in a huff and watch as he gets my diet coke, a glass with ice and sets them on the glass table in front of me. He goes back to the counter to make himself some tea and returns shortly sitting across from me.

“Now, then. What’s got your bustier all in a bunch? The fact that I gave him your location, the fact that he’s in L.A. or the fact that you are glad he is here? Hmmm?” He asks while stirring his tea.

Sigh. He’s so on to me. I pour my diet coke into my glass and take a huge gulp. “Ok. I’m freaking out a little.” I get a raised eyebrow for that one. “Ok. A lot. Shit! Jonsey, what am I gonna do? I want to let go and be with him, but I….” He lays his hand over mine on the table.

“I know it’s hard for you to let someone love you, for someone to even try. I understand, my dear. You’re so young and you may not believe me when I tell you but life is short. It will start flying by and before you know it, you will be old, alone, and looking back wondering where the time went. Trust me, I know this for a fact.” He takes a drink of tea, looking at me with care and concern.

I close my eyes and breathe deeply. When I open them he’s smiling. “Ok. I will try, but it’s so hard. How do I start tearing down my walls? They’ve been up for so long. I’m not sure if I can.” I blink rapidly trying to get my tears not to fall. I. Do. Not. Cry. Dammit!

He gets up and comes over to me, pulls me up by my arm until I am standing and turns me around to the kitchen door. “You can only start by spending time with him. Quit being such a bitch and try to relax and just have fun. Now go! Get ready for dinner, we have a guest arriving soon.” Then he gives my back a push.

I turn my head as I walk. “Waa…? Huh?” I croak.

He waves his hands to hurry me up. “Master Tucker will be here in an hour and you know you take two to get ready, so go.” What the hell?

I almost hit the wall as my head turns around quickly but catch myself in time. Thank fuck! A banged up face would not look good tonight. I run up the stairs and quickly disrobe in my bathroom and turn on the shower. While I wait for the water to get hot, I look in the mirror, my hands pressed on the counter. He’s coming for dinner! Holy Shit! What am I gonna wear? Ok, calm down. My heart is racing, and I feel like I’m gonna throw up. Take deep breaths. Be nice. I can be nice, can’t I? Shit, I don’t know if I can be nice. UGH!

The doorbell rings and I fall on the floor while putting my high heel on. “Ompfh!” Fuck that hurt! I think I will need a major amount of Hot Damn shots tonight. Oh! That sounds great! I run to the top of the stairs and abruptly stop at the top, my hands pushing on the railing to stop me. There he is, staring up at me. I think I just swallowed my heart, and my gum. He’s dressed in nice black jeans, solid black button down shirt, open to the second button where I can see his muscular solid chest. I swallow again. Fuck, I could eat him.

“Paxton, are you going to come downstairs or would you like your dinner served at the top of the stairs?” Jonsey’s voice echoes in the grand foyer. My head spins to him, and I roll my eyes. Ok. Get your game face on. Holding my head up high, I start down the stairs, refusing to look at Tuck. Maybe if I just don’t look at him, I’ll be able to get through the night.

Jonsey heads to the kitchen and I look straight ahead and start to walk into the hallway. I’m stopped by his hand taking ahold of mine. My head spins to him, his eyes gleaming, and a small smile on his face. “Talk to me, beauty. Don’t shut down. I just got here.” His smile broadens and I relax, a little. A deep breath escapes me, my bunched up shoulders lower. He lets go of my arm and moves closer. “There. That’s better. Now, what say we eat dinner then I’ll take you out and really have some fun,” he smirks. I’m smiling as he takes my hand and leads me down the hallway towards the dining room. Once there, he pulls out my chair, pushes me up to the table and sits down beside me. “Well, this is rather, um, formal. When you eat, do you always eat in here?” I can’t help but laugh out loud and snort. Oh. My. God! How embarrassing!

I stand, gather my plate, all the utensils and tilt my head towards the doorway. “Come on. Let’s get informal.” He laughs, picks up his place setting and follows me to the kitchen where we set everything on the glass kitchen table. He runs to me, before I can sit, and pulls the chair out. I roll my eyes, laugh, and sit. What a gentleman, swoon!

♫    ♫    ♫   

Fuck, she looked so scared when she saw me. Damn, that’s the last thing I wanted to do. When I finally got her to relax a little, she at least smiled. Once we got settled at the kitchen table, Jonsey served us our salads. I look up at my beauty to see she is really concentrating on hers. Maybe she hasn’t eaten, in like forever. Hmmm. I take a few bites, wipe my mouth and peek at her over my napkin.

“So. What’s it gonna take to get you to relax and have fun?” I catch her mid bite, her eyes going wide. She sets her fork down on her plate and daintily wipes the corners of her mouth.

“Hot Damn,” she says bluntly. I must have had a confused look because she shakes her head and says, “Hot Damn. You know, the liquor?” Oh! Well, fuck me. My beauty likes to do shots. Fuck, yeah! I can’t stop my smile and my relief. Fuck, for a minute I thought she was saying I was fucking hot. I chuckle and shake my head.
“What? You’ve never had Hot Damn?” She starts laughing so hard that she puts her arm around her middle, holding onto her side and snorts. Ok. I didn’t think it was that funny. Is she drunk already? And she snorted? That was fucking cute!

I wait until she can get her laughter out and place my elbow on the table, my chin in my hand. “My beauty. Are you insinuating I don’t know how to drink?” My eyebrow rises. “Really?”

She looks at me in astonishment, picks up her fork and points it at me. “Hot Rocker? I can drink you under any table, any time,” she sneers. Oh! Game On!

After that we seem to eat at a rapid rate, like we would never eat again. She tells me she is going to freshen up, and then she will be ready to ‘take me down’. Ha! Seriously? Well, she’s got balls. Maybe that’s why I have fallen for her so fast. She doesn’t take shit from anyone. Now, if I can just figure out how to start taking down that wall of hers.
I’m waiting out in the foyer when Jonsey comes walking in from the hallway. “Ah, Master Tucker. I have taken the liberty to call Charles to drive you tonight.” He winks and heads into another room. A driver? I can live with that.
I hear footsteps and look up to see Pax walking down the stairs and looking fucking gorgeous. Her long blonde hair swaying against her bottom, her big baby blue eyes sparkling under those full lashes, her low cut top showing her ample cleavage and those hot as fuck black leather pants with her high heeled shoes. She’s gonna push me over the fucking edge. My cock twitched and is begging to come out and play. Fuck! Not now! You’ll ruin it!

She saunters right up to me, the long nail on her index finger sweeping from my chin down my chest. “I’m ready. Are you?” She asks in a low and very sexy voice. Holy Shit, I’m in fucking trouble. I swallow hard and nod. I’m such a dumb fuck.

I follow her out the front door and see a black limo SUV sitting there with a very big muscular man holding the back door open. I gulp hard. Shit, I hope he’s a friendly guy. Fuck! She gets in the back and when I start to get in, a big hand stops me, pushing against my chest. I look up to see the muscular guy frowning. He leans into the back seat, says something in a whisper to Pax, turns to me and closes the door. Just us. Outside alone. Ok, this can’t be good. Fuck. Me!

He gets right in my face and sneers. Holy Shit! “Look, man. Jonsey told me about you and even though I don’t trust a young punk like you with the princess, I’ll give you a fair shake.” He pokes his finger into my chest. “But don’t get any ideas. Got me?” I nod shakily and swallow again. “Good, now get in.” He opens the door, and I don’t fucking hesitate. Well, that was interesting. Guess we’ll need to have a little talk later, on my terms.

Sitting down, away from her, I look around. I jump when I feel her hand touch my arm. “Hey, you ok?” Her eyebrows knit together. “What did he say to you?”

Come on you douchebag, get your shit together. I relax and crack my neck from side to side. “Nothing, he just wanted to know where we were going. Told him that was up to you.” Good save. I think.

She removes her hand from my arm and places it in her lap, and I feel the loss instantly. “Oh, well, that was nice. You just looked a little…. I dunno, nervous?” I laugh, and she giggles. Cute. “Don’t let him fool you. He’s a big pussy cat.” More like a lion, if you ask me.
She presses a button and I hear, “Party Town.” She looks at me and gives me her sexy smile and winks. Do you think I can be inconspicuous when I adjust my harder than shit cock? Nah, I don’t think so either.

“Soooo, Party Town, huh? Sounds like fun,” I say, giving her my best cocky smile. She winks at me and reaches into her small handbag. I have to admit she came prepared when I see her pull out a silver flask. She removes the lid, and I lick my lips as I watch her pouty ones encase the top. Her hand pushes the flask up, and she takes a huge swallow. Watching her throat constrict as the liquid moves down it is making my cock twitch, again. Fuck, I want her so bad!

She hands me the flask, and I take a swig. Fuck, it’s Hot Damn and it’s burning down my throat. I smile as I hand it back to her. “Good Shit. I love a good burn.” That starts her laughing so I join in.
We pull up at the bar, Party Town, and the valet opens my door. I take my beauty’s hand and pull her out with me. She stops, abruptly, and throws her handbag onto the seat, closes the door and gives me her sexy smile. Smiling back, I remove my hand from hers and put my arm around her shoulder. I am amazed she let me. We walk to the front double doors, two muscular men each open one, and we walk into the club. The music is pulsating the floor as we walk up to a half dressed sexy woman standing at a podium. She winks at me and ignores Paxton. “Would you like a private room upstairs to party or shall I show you to a table in our main room downstairs?” Wow! They have private rooms here. Fuck, yeah!I look at Paxton, her eyebrow is raised so high it gets lost in her hair.

Looking back at the hostess I clear my throat. “I think a table down here would suffice.” She nods, and we follow her to a booth that is in a corner away from the madness that is the dance floor. Thank Fuck! At least, we will have a little privacy.

She tells us that our waitress will be over soon and leaves us to the rocking music. “This is a great table. Thanks for not taking a private room upstairs. I would have left,” my beauty says smirking at me.
I laugh and take her hand that’s resting on the table. “Beauty, you’re gonna learn one day, I’m not that way.” She looks down at our hands. Her eyes move slowly back up to mine. I lean up close and whisper, “I’m gonna prove it to you. I’m not like the rest of the guys out there. You don’t have to be afraid of me, of getting hurt. I won’t do that to you. I want to know you, everything about you. You need to trust me. Trust your feelings about me.” She moves closer, and closer, then releases my hand quickly and sits up straight when the waitress clears her throat. Dammit! So close!

Another barely dressed sexy woman is standing there smacking gum and winking at me. “What’ll you have, sugar?” Her big red lips giving me a smile as she winks. Good Lord, this is not helping my case any.
I look at my beauty and wink. She smirks and looks at the waitress. “Four shots of Hot Damn, doubles and a Bud Light bottle.” I can’t help but chuckle. It’s so on!

“Same. Keep checking back and replenish as we get low.” I give her my sexy smile which gets me another wink. I roll my eyes, that shit’s fucking contagious!

The half naked woman bends down which gives me a tremendous view of her big girls and whispers, “I’d like to replenish anything and everything for you, sexy.” She winks again, smacks her gum and saunters away. Oh, fuck! Am I in trouble!

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