About Vicki Green

The only inspiration came from my dreams. Unfortunately like most dreams the faces aren't clear, just an outline really.  I only knew that Cassie was beautiful and Jesse was a HOT guy. Of course when you’re dreaming who wouldn't dream of the guy being HOT. HA! I knew of two things as I hunted through hundreds of pictures looking for the right Cassie and Jesse. One, they features needed to match my descriptions as close as possible. Two, I knew the right ones would jump out from them all and they did.

Seriously, one night I just decided to sit down and put the dream that has been in my head down on paper. I really didn't know if it would be any good or if I could write it well enough. But, I guess deep down I always wanted to write and I have a very vivid imagination so I thought, why not? The inevitable in all dreams is that you wake up, so you never get the complete story. But as I wrote the story kept unfolding in my mind. The more I wrote the more I wanted to publish it and share it with everyone. To have that feeling that there might be people out there that could love it as much as I do kept me going.

Oh, so many! I know it’s a cliche but the first books I really read in my life was Stephanie Myers Twilight. But after that, I got into reading Fan fiction for a long time. I actually read some of the most popular Author’s and their stories before they published them as they were writing them chapter by chapter. It was antagonizing waiting for each chapter to be updated but awesome at the same time. Then there are the other Author’s that are so popular that I have come across as their books were recommended by your blog as well as others.

I can’t begin to describe the feeling I have to anyone. I am so overwhelmed right now but in a good way. I never thought this could or would happen to me. It’s a dream that is happening right before my eyes and I am excited and scared at the same time. I love the new friends I have made and the excitement from people just pumps me up. I am only could nine and I don’t want to come down.

We bought a house over a year ago and one thing I loved about it, besides the finished basement my teenage sons have taken over, is that it had two spare bedrooms. I claimed one as my ‘office’ and I can close the door to have quiet. Not only do I write in there but I have an over sized leather chair with ottoman where I do a lot of my reading.

It’s really odd.  A lot of people I know have playlist’s, listening to music helps them but I have to have quiet, no distractions. I have to be able to get lost in my thoughts. I just sit down, open my document and re read where I left off and the scenes and voices just start filling in my head. Not those kind of voices. Hehehe. But, I have to tell you, the other night the synopsis for book 2 in the series would not leave my head when trying to get to sleep and I ended up booting up the computer at 1 AM to write it down. Slept great after that. First time that has ever happened to me.

I had planned on a #2. But while riding this book I could see a plan forming for a third. After that? I think it depends on how well this series does whether I do a fourth or not. But if I don’t do a fourth? Well, with my imagination there is plenty of things I can come up with for a new series.  J


  1. Vicki, I loved your book "My Savior forever" The one.thing that really,really bothered me is that no woman that has been as brutally kidnapped and raped is going to be so ready and willing to jump into having sex that soon. I also find it questionable that it would be so easy and enjoyable that soon with no flashbacks, no fears and only bad dreams. I speak from experience. It takes a long Time to trust someone enough to get that close. Just because someone rescues you doesn't make them your soul mate and your happily ever after after. You could be misleading some women because if they haven't seen their captors faces, it could be one of them who "pretends" to " rescue" her. The storyline just seems exceeding unrealistic. I did like the story though if it had J just had the love story and they had met a different way.

  2. I've read Country Love #1-3. Wonderful stories!! When will Back To Country be released? (#4?) Can't wait to read Nash's story.